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Ocean View Beach,
Norfolk, Virginia

Ocean View

The Ocean View neighborhood in Norfolk, Virginia had a heyday in the early and mid-20th Century when it was developed as an relaxation and entertainment venue for military personal, residents, and out-of-town vacationers. The grand amusement park that was once the main attraction was torn down in the 1970s and Ocean View became a sleepy community once again. Today, Ocean View is experiencing a revival as a new generation of tourists discover our less-crowded, less expensive vacation options and professional contractors for the military and businesses come for a work-stay. Welcome and enjoy!

Tidewater Virginia

Southeastern Virginia is undoubtedly one of the most under-appreciated American treasures for historical significance with a friendly four-season climate. Norfolk is the third oldest incorporated city in the United States and was a center of international trade long before New York or San Francisco.

Within an hour's drive are the sites of the nation's oldest permanent settlement (Jamestown), the    

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